Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Last evening I had a great experience with telephone customer service. Let me begin with a question, if someone/something advertised 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week customer service, what would you think? I bet you would think what I thought! That at 8:30pm on a Tuesday night someone would be there to answer the call. Last time I checked Julius Caesar had decided that Tuesday was one of the days of the week and that 8:30 pm does reside in a period of twenty four hours. Trying to settle an issue with my service, I made a call to the "24 hour-a-day, seven day-a-week" pseudo-service. Only to get ringing on the other end. Lots of ringing, twenty-seven rings to be exact. Oh, I thought, they must be just too busy or something, so in the period of thirteen minutes I called four more times only to get that annoying ringing sound in my ear over and over and over.... What's wrong with this picture? I'll tell you. No one gives jack crap about customer service anymore. I have worked telephone customer service before, I know that they get paid enough to pick up the phone once or twice a night to serve a customer. Hence the title of the position, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Now, I'm sorry I interrupted, er, attempted to interrupt the Chutes and Ladders tournament at this particular company but I am a customer and I needed to be serviced. Even if they weren't to answer, I'm not one to complain too much about a computerized answering system that places you in a particular queue depending on your situation. (TANGENT!!!! However, systems that have you pressing numbers for fifteen minutes and having you press digits on your touch-tone phone to best match the hue of your eye color, so that the customer service representative that isn't going to answer can get a better image of you through the phone, now that's going a bit far.) Anywho, after giving up with that particular company I had to make another phone call, to a company I called many times previous, to inquire about an account balance. Now, like I said, I don't mind automated answering services; however, I do ask them to be one thing and one thing only..... FUNCTIONAL! I dial the number, "Thank you for calling... press '1' for account balances." Alas! I can handle this! What's more difficult than just pressing '1'! PRESS... Nothing.... dead air..... What the.... Maybe I did something wrong. I don't know how but maybe... So I call back. PRESS... NOTHING.... Maybe its just a bad night, maybe I don't have luck on my side, but maybe, just maybe, customer service is getting run by incompetent morons. What's with that? Why is it that people who have to deal with people are always the people that shouldn't be?
Welcome all to my world, or as we like to say, The World According to Me. Me would be Kirby P. Viddles. My friends call me K.P., my enemies call me other more colorful names, you, however, may call me Kirby P. Viddles... esquire. This is my new venture, a blog, some would say. I think of it as more of a scratching post, a punching bag, a strong mixed "beverage" or maybe even... an Internet journal thingee. Nevertheless, a forum, created and kept by I, Kirby P. Viddles, for the sole purpose of... well, I don't know exactly but it should be quite a ride attempting to fill my void in blogdom with rant-filled peeves and quandries or ya know, on a good day I may say what I'm REALLY thinking. To be truthful however, there will be days where I don't have much to say. As a matter of fact, there will be days where I will be just too damn busy to think of something to talk about. I'll live, I'm sure you will too. So, let's get started... whaddya say?